Thursday, 28 July 2011

Tog (Treasury Opus Gadget)

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Duvets will soak up anyone's language
Paradoxical coverings

Greedily munching tidbits
a book that
on your

Puffed up with great literature
Pockets of air from the best-seller list
Tangled fibres wrestle around a villanelle

At night the language roams between the threads
Nomad quotations from dead philosophers

By day the language rests; empty patterns
communico ergo sum

Evening brings the woman's solitude
Warm flesh pressed against cool cotton

Unreliable biro traces frameworks
Decorates with memorable trinkets:
Spurts of clarity in a marsh of entropy

The duvet gives up its language

Obviously a work in progress. Thanks for the inspiration Steve.


Ashley R Lister said...

Mae West said, "I do all my best work in bed." I think your phrasing is more stylish.


Ste said...

Hooraay! A Poem! (I have a future contibutor to this blog who was worried nooone had posted in poem form) Loved it by the way Vicki 'the duvet gives up its language' - great ending (plus anything with the word 'entropy' in it gets my vote!)

Lindsay said...

Nom nom duvet. Steve's right it's about time there was a poem on a poetry blog, and the bar's set high now. Great post.

Lisa Gilbride said...

Love that.

vicky ellis said...

Thanks guys :) Sometimes it's easier to say something through poetry than prose/blog don't you think?

Nikki Magennis said...

I love this.