Wednesday, 7 November 2012

If Found...


Last seen three weeks ago mooching around my mind, sniffing at an unfinished poem.

Small, often invisible, and with a tendency to wander off during times of self-doubt.

Has previously been responsible for several ideas.

Invaluable to creative types.

If found, please return to the poet who can’t write.

*     *     *



Ashley R Lister said...

Is there a reward?

Should we offer a copy of The Poet's Guide to Blackpool for anyone who's able to find your missing inspiration?


Adele said...

Just been pulling up the remnants of what should have been my cauliflowers - totally decimated by next years glorious butterflies. Like them - I am ready to wrap myself in my winter cocoon.

Perhaps a winter clear up at the allotment will get you going.

Lovely poem - if you get any to spare....

Sheilagh said...

I love your poem.

Don't worry, it will turn up when you're least expecting it. xx