Friday, 8 December 2017

Water of life ?

Water is a life saver and a life taker. It seems we either have too much of it, or not enough of it! Is this down to climate change? I can only speculate. I am no expert.

Having seen first hand the devastation caused by storm Desmond, and how two years later people are still awaiting the repair of bridges, roads and even homes. When I went to Colorado in June 2014 they'd had devastating floods in the September before with the loss of lives, businesses, homes and infrastructure.. I've also experienced (to a lesser degree) the effects of drought. The summer of 1976 when we had no rain from April to August. I recall this as I was pregnant at the time. I sat beneath a large tree in the garden , day after day...getting browner and browner . Bath water was limited to a few inches and I spent hot afternoons sitting on the edge of the tub with my feet in an inch of cold water. Subsequently I was admitted to the hospital a month before my due date. On being discharged the same regulations applied, but bottled water was delivered for the baby.

We watch dramas unfold before us in news coverage of wildfires, floods,drought, famine, deluge, landslides ...all related to either too much or not enough water. Yes. It's a life giver and a life taker.

Today's poem is taken from my archives and portrays water in a gentle form, a shower...

             The Passing of the Rain ---June 1966?

             The shower has passed and leaves behind the scent of new cut hay.
             The sky has cleared, and the sun beams down it's golden ray.
             The birds have started to sing again...
             So this is the passing of the rain.

             Mother Nature yawns and stretches out her hand
             To revive, to awaken all living things on land.
             The frisky mare tosses her mane...
             So this is the passing of the rain.

             Birds splash in puddles that are left.
             Tiny snails can leave their small wall cleft.
             Rabbits run gaily along the lane...
             So this is the passing of the rain.

Thanks for reading, and Season's Greetings, Kath