Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Nightmares Before Christmas

My creative brain is currently dormant; like a sleeping dragon it is producing no sparks or fire. It is stressed, overworked, exhausted and stuck in practical mode.

I have to-do lists in my notebook instead of poems:

  • Make an 80th birthday cake for my Nan's birthday on Saturday
  • Clean flats for visiting family members
  • Organise a buffet
  • Buy Christmas presents
  • Buy, write & send Christmas cards
  • Put up Christmas tree (ideally before Christmas Day)
  • Write something for poetry event on Friday
  • Get my car radio decoded
And, as is always the case when you have a lot to do, things continue to go wrong.

My car radio was meant to be ready for me to collect yesterday lunchtime, but apparently it is "proving difficult to decode". So, I now have a gaping hole instead of a radio and still no music. And if this doesn't seem like a big enough nightmare, I have a section of our basement flat covered in towels because of all the rain. I can safely say, if the rain continues, I'll be living in a swimming pool...

I will stop listing, moaning and depressing readers of this blog, and move onto my actual post.

An Amazon Dragon

Knights like to fight giant lizards and dragons
so give them the opportunity


The above is a 'found poem' that I found on Amazon (click here)

Thank you for reading,


Ste said...

Hi Lara, I completely sympathise. Final week of work here and down to the parents' on Friday, still with xmas shopping to do and a blog to write tonight (only idea so far seems to be another poem) anyways I really like that 'found poem' btw it's almost an anti health and safety call to arms! :)

vicky ellis said...

Give them the opportunity :) I don't have a giant lizard to whip out, sorry - I'll ask Dave...

Of all the pressures this week, the biggest one is obviously the lack of a radio! It's enough to bring a girl to tears, jumping into the car - rushing around in a frenzy - and reaching for the knob only to find it absent. God, there's a metaphor in there somewhere! Sorry, my mind isn't always in the gutter. No, really.

Good luck with all your jobs! xxx

Lindsay said...

I'm sure it will all come together for you x Hope the flooding gets sorted sharpish, sounds horrible.

I have never come across 'found' poetry before, what a lovely concept, I'm going to bee on the lookout now for it everywhere.

Ashley R Lister said...

Why do you need a radio in your car? Doesn't everyone listen to audio books on their BlackBerry whilst they're driving? Or is it just me?


Lara Clayton said...

I listen to my ipod, but it connects to my radio. I don't have a BlackBerry :(

However, my radio has been fixed and the leak seems to have been sorted (touch wood) as well. Yesterday, turned out to be a good day. I might have to moan on my Tuesday blog more often.