Friday, 27 January 2012

Keep sick bucket at hand, may be slightly gushing but I had a rare good night so STFU.

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Last night the Dead Good Poet Bloggers performed with Word Soup at The Continental in Preston. Dead Good Poets came to support us, and helped make the evening a superb one. The venue is amazing. It has a cosy intimate atmosphere with the audience and beautiful architecture, with a high ceiling, stage and candlelit tables. It was the perfect backdrop for some beautiful poetry. Headlining the evening was Jo Bell, who was one of the most passionate and amazing poets I have ever seen, her presence and delivery concentrated every syllable of her beautiful words. I’d never seen her work before, but I will definitely be looking for more of her work. Vicky commented that she had a seductive quality, and I don’t think any of us could take our eyes from her during her performance. I was originally due to perform just after Jo Bell, and I’m bloody glad I didn’t have to, thankfully she chose to go last and rounded up the evening perfectly. If you haven’t seen her yet, you need to, she is amazing.

Shaun went up first, and did a selection of poems on friendship and family, some of which he has posted on the blog before. His poetry is wonderful in text form, but his delivery for me is the best way to enjoy his work. He started us off to an incredibly high standard. I could hear positive murmurs through the audience as he performed, and knew the Dead Good Poets were off to a flying start.

Next up was our poet in residence Lara, with some incredible poetry which also initiated positive gasps and humming from the audience. If you’ve heard Lara’s poetry you’ll know why and although nervous of performance Lara is mesmerising, her words conveying incredible imagery and emotion woven together into breath taking poetry.

Steve went up next, and began his own inimitable style of poetry which is hypnotising in its rhythm, language and conciseness. How he manages to memorise his poems I really don’t know but it complements his delivery and style. Steve commented later that someone said to him that it was great to finally hear some dubstep poetry, which I have never heard of but fits Steve perfectly. He owns the stage when he’s on it, and although doesn’t describe himself as a poet he most definitely is, and a great one.

As always Vicky challenged the boundaries of poetry and her performance piece was fantastic, she dished out chocolate to volunteers to stand on the stage as Danielle wrapped them in wool. Vicky performed a poem based on their situation, their emotions about their predicament and it worked well. She seemed to come alive while on the stage, and find it so very natural.

I was up next, and I was proud of the fact I actually read something. I don’t perform really at all. I took one of my children’s stories and although it was not ideal for the audience I’m glad I actually performed something I was comfortable with, and challenged one of my biggest fears. I’m hoping I’ll be able to go upwards from here.

Ashley had the house roaring with laughter with his comedic poetry. He performed one of his older poems I recall from one of the very first Dead Good Poet meetings and the latest poem which has featured on here last Saturday, I <3 Jeremy Kyle. It went down a storm, and even though we’ve heard them before, they never get old. Ashley ended the Dead Good Poets set with a memorable one.

We then were succeeded by Jo Bell, who is just amazing. I can’t think of any more superlatives which don’t sound cheesy when I’ve been so happy with a poetry evening so I’ll just say look her up, and see her if you can. It’s well worth it.

Last night I was very proud to call myself a Dead Good Poet, the fellow DGP’s who came to support us helped make the evening. Can’t wait for the next DGPS night, I might even perform something. J


Ste said...

Here here! It was a good night wasn't it? Can I just volunteer now for Vicky's choco-poem at the next DGPS? Also, Lindsay, I think you should post all the chapter titles from last night here right now! They were brilliant and made me chuckle as each one was read out. Yours, Ste the Dubstep Poet!!!

Danielle Rose said...

great write up of the night. You were all brilliant and I had a great night. Very proud of you all. XX

Lara Clayton said...

Brilliant review of what was an amazing evening. Everyone was marvellous - representing the DGPs in the best way possible.

Wonderful :)

Lar "the one with the lovely reading voice" (according to one audience member, hehe)

J A Brunning said...

It was a fab night! Thanks so much for coming, you Dead Good Poets you!

Ashley R Lister said...

It really was a fantastic night.

You say that you don't perform material - but you brought Wully to life when you were reading him.

I don't have words to say how proud I am to be on the same team as you guys :-)


Jen said...

Great night. You got the voices for your characters just right too.
Everyone was terrific and it was busier than I've seen it on previous visits.
You missed mentioning Carla, who I think is terrific.
And a big BOOO to everyone who got up and left as soon as they read their own stuff. So you just went to get heard, shame on you all!

Lindsay said...

Apologies for not mentioning everyone who performed, it was a great night.

Sarah-Clare Conlon said...

Really great night, Blackpool poets - loved how varied you all were. Fab night all round - it was my first time and such a shame we had to leave before the last couple of open mic acts (train trip back to Manchester)! Looking forward to coming up again in March - thanks for having us, Preston!

vicky ellis said...

"Vicky commented that she had a seductive quality..."

The conversation which followed my remark will never leave my little yellow car. For the sake of ketchup lovers everywhere. And because some people still think Dani is sweet and innocent. (Those who have never spoken to her, obviously)

Anonymous said...

Agrees with Vicky. I will be in therapy for years.