Monday, 13 February 2012

Love poems for Valentine’s Day

For anyone that hasn’t visited a shop this month, for anyone who happens to have a penis and for anyone who just hasn’t got around to anything yet- consider this my gentle nudge- tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.
Fittingly, the blog theme this week will be romance. Romance and poetry go together like, well, any emotion and poetry. They fit.

It seems only yesterday that I was drafting and redrafting one of the best poems I have ever written- and romance ticked it all over. Summer 2010 and I was perched outside a coffee shop practically goose-stepping with my pen. Look at me, I’m being a poet was a great look for me at the time and something worked because that very same poem that I gave to Lara continues to be an important part of my life. I’m not posting it. I don’t even have a copy myself. I have drafts and scraps but I think the only copy of it is tucked away with her somewhere and, as sentiment goes, I think that is a pretty nice one. The poem was probably crap. It was presented nicely though. It had been drafted and worked at. The message and the pitch had been tightened up from a fairly shabby starting point and, after a decent few afternoons of scratching away, we can fast forward to now- still together as we approach Valentine’s Day. 

If you think you might have one of those women in your life that would appreciate a poem for Feb 14th, why not give it a go. There are plenty of sites to help you along the way and if you have a look through the archives, plenty of ‘How to write’ (for want of a better phrase) posts on here. She will appreciate the thought but perhaps don’t shirk out of present buying duties on my part (unless you’ve already done the no-gift deal, as I have, magnificently). Just a heads up really. 

As regular readers may note, I keep promising poems. I keep writing them and not having them to fit, I’m not just being lazy. I have had a few on my mind though and, as I may or may not be writing something for tomorrow, there isn’t going to be a new one today either I’m afraid. What I have put together is a list of some lovely romantic poems that you lazy buggers can copy, paste and print out for your other half- should you be getting all soppy…

Should you be wallowing home alone tomorrow, Braga v Besiktas is on ESPN and I have no doubts in saying that Bridget Jones is on offer somewhere near you (as is pizza and ice cream I’ll bet). Have a read of some of these- they might even cheer you up.

Thanks for reading, S.



Ashley R Lister said...

Missed you last week. Hope you're feeling better.

And thanks for the links to the love poetry. Excellent resources.


Mr Lonely said...

Happy Valentine Day ~~~ =)

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

vicky ellis said...

I don't have a penis but I do know a woman who likes poetry. Will I be OK? :/

Shaun said...

Vicky, some of the language you come out with makes me think you might have a penis actually. Whatever happened to women just cooking, sucking, cleaning and keeping quiet eh? Bloody feminists... :)
Oh, I mean, sure you can read. I put Pam Ayres on just for Lara- she loves her work!

vicky ellis said...

"Vicky, some of the language you come out with makes me think you might have a penis actually."

Shaun, I'm not sure if using the word cunt means you have a cock... Is that what you mean? Because I know lots of bitches that use the words cunt and cock. I think you are confusing women with a non-existent idealized lady from the 18th century :P

Missy Lass said...

Poems can also be nice and heartfelt Valentine's day messages for cards and emails. that would be a heartwarming wording too.

Sleepyhead said...

These are very romantic and sweet valentine's day wishes and messages. Perfect to write on a card on this Heart's day!