Monday, 10 December 2012

500. Baubles

Good evening readers,

This week on the Dead Good Blog we'll be looking at Christmas Poems. I'm interested to see where everyone goes with this theme, and as such have opted against picking out my favourites online. Instead, as this is our 500th blog post, I thought it would be nice to write a poem.
Christmas, statistically, is great at breaking couples up. This hasn't happened, I must stress and whilst one of my ill-timed comments (after a dentist trip) wasn't wise, it did provide me with some inspiration. I've passed it by the girlfriend- she knows that whilst fictional it is our tree, our snow stuff and my initial comment, but was happy to see me (love of her life and all that) write something, I'm sure.
Thanks for reading, S.


When I said too many baubles, something changed
Her eyes pulled away like slow-fade Christmas lights
The times we had collected, moved to shade
As winter nights drew in, Christmas went shite.

At first the Angels she brought had to go,
So too the tatty relics I'd collected
and made, one of my Mum's and one she found
Soon enough all our memories were ejected.

The tree looked bare without the tat, I'd say
The silver bells on strings looked over tacky
The tinsel barely dressed the plastic spruce
The rags of cotton snow kept the cat happy.

But without baubles, we aren't building forward
This tree will never look like it once did
I'm putting them back on, forget I said it
It's Christmas, we're stressed enough as it is.

Shaun Brookes.


Ashley R Lister said...

A truly festive poem. Perfect for the 500th blog post - can you believe we've published so much?


Adele said...

My youngest fledgling is now building her own nest and naturally has her own tree. I am parting with some of the cherished decorations that we have collected on our travels since she was born. Putting the tree up, while playing Christmas music, then settling to watch a flick chick was always the best part for me.

Keep them all Shaun. Each one is a treasure that reminds you that love is everything.

Merry Christmas you two. XXXX