Wednesday, 12 December 2012

An Apology for Absence

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 By Ashley Lister

 For those of you who tune into this blog for Lara’s wise Wednesday words – you’re going to be severely disappointed today. Lara is currently indisposed after spending the early part of this week diligently caring for family members. I’m filling in for her today and I know, most regular readers will wish her well.

I can imagine this turn of events is a crushing disappointment to regular readers because Lara and I are complete opposites in so many regards. It would be like tuning in to watch Question Time and finding the show had been replaced by a repeat of TOWIE.

To illustrate the difference:

Last week Lara provided a suggestion for how followers of the Dead Good Blog could help to benefit some of the 9,000 children living below the poverty line in Blackpool by contributing to the Blackpool Food Bank.
It was a supremely worthy blog post and there’s still time to make your contribution by following the details laid out here.

It was far more worthy than my own contribution last week which was a jaunty piece of cam-corded doggerel written by me and performed by my son as he hid behind a mask of our prime minister and practised his evil laugh.

So, this week, with our theme being Christmas, I believe Lara might have written something intelligent and thought-provoking in her own distinctive voice. If Lara had written a Christmas poem here it might possibly have sounded something like this:

Tinsel pine needles litter the carpet
Fallen from the stiffly stilted arms of
Last year’s artificial tree.
No longer as shiny as the childhood memories
From when it once stood proud
It too has grown up.

However, because I’m writing this post, and not Lara, my Christmas poem is slightly different:

There was an old fellow called Santa
Who only ever wanted to please
But authorities insist
He should be on a list
Cos he empties his sack beneath trees!


Lisa McFleeca said...

Enjoyed your post regardless Ash! We were lucky enough to read some mini saga's of Lara's today which were quite exquisite so we've had a double dosage of good stuff!

Lisa :-)

Adele said...

Come back soon Lara. Please!!!

Lara Clayton said...

I think you write better as me than I do :)
Thank you for filling in for me - I'll be back next week as normal.

Ashley R Lister said...


It's a damned good class when you get to have Lara's writing shared with you. I just hope she's working on a collection of poetry.

Adele - she'll be back next week.


I was pleased with the style of this one - it has elements that remind me of the way you write - but it's a long way from having your sharp descriptive edge.