Sunday, 7 July 2013

A Great Advertisement

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This week on the blog, we've been celebrating our two year anniversary. Anniversaries, with all their celebratory notes, appeal to me- I like the excuse to be happy. That said, I can't really add anything to the conversation that has come before me this week- it really has been great, challenging, interesting, worthwhile, entertaining and at times despairing- but you know all of that so I'll skip right on.

One man probably not celebrating this week is the once reputable Charles Saatchi. The hugely successful Iraqi may have access to a wealth of stunning artwork but after last week's scandal no longer does the cat get to eat the cream.
There won't be an anniversary this year for Charles and Nigella. The PR Machines that manage 'stars' have dented the big man's ego far beyond repair and as such, if you'll believe the Daily Mail, he just has to divorce her.
I don't know what is worse, to be honest with you. On the one hand you have Nigella's head, slightly elevated and contorted in order to create a good picture and on the other, a man so hell bent on the idea he isn't a wife beater that he must divorce her for not coming out in public and saying he doesn't hit her. Wait, what am I saying, that appears to be the same controlling hand.
There has been however, a charming tell-all letter penned by Mr Saatchi and printed in the paper today. In it he calls his wife a lovely woman and wishes it hadn't come to this. If I was her, I wouldn't even wipe my arse with it.

A poem then, and happy anniversary.

A Great Advertisement

Just think about the one you've lost
the woman you called lovely.
Have you and your controlling ways
made her somehow less bubbly.

Because now we've seen the pictures,
heard your tale from every side;
Don't walk around with your head held up
you've got everything to hide.

It takes no special character
to pin women by their necks
and whether you've used force or not
it was clearly quite a threat.

So don't point your powerful finger now
it is clearly not the time.
May I suggest you'd be better to think
how you act when you've been drinking wine.

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Ashley R Lister said...

It's a sad situation. There's never any excuse for spousal abuse. Then again, there was no excuse for the Saatchi's putting Thatcher into power.

Great post,