Friday, 15 November 2013

Precision Art

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It just goes to show doesn't it?  That beauty, creativity and a gentle touch can bring out the best in something as simple as a piece of paper.  Typical traits of a Geisha really.  Shame that, I really don't agree with the principles.

The total of my origami experience is the paper plane and on of those boxy paper choice makers (sorry can't remember their proper name) that we used to make at school.  But the beautiful creations that I saw whilst looking for images of origami take my breath away.  Take a look on-line.  Just type in "origami" in your search engine, and see where it takes you.  Mind you I have always found people who can do intricate things like that a bit of a marvel.  ;-)

This week, I confess, I know little about this topic, and being as previous posts this week have pretty much covered what it is all about, I thought I would write a little poem from the perspective of the piece of paper.

Ode to the Origami Artist:

I was plain, 2 dimensional
Til you took me in your hands
Began to mold me with your gentle touch
Creating something new, as was your plan.

With every crease, a new edge appeared
Defining something more
But even I could not have dreamed
Of what you had in store.

Patiently you tuck and pleat
And fold and crease again
Til slowly, carefully, lovingly
I emerge as an elegant Crane.

You took something plain, 2 dimensional
Bent, tucked, folded, creased
Created depth where there was none
Gave me form, figure and release.

Sorry it's a short post this week.  Thanks for reading.



Colin Davies said...

Lovely poem, I was half expecting it to take a dark turn for some reason.

Louise Barklam said...

Dark thoughts don't translate on to paper for me Colin, I'm far too positive and happy in general. That's probably why very few people take me seriously as someone who writes poetry, subscribing to the belief that poets are tortured souls. Ah well, never mind.


Ashley R Lister said...

Clever use of language. And a pretty cool take on this week's complex theme.

Love it.


Louise Barklam said...

Thanks Ash! ;-)

Steve Rowland said...

Hiya Louise. It must be a quiet week in Blogland and it's allowed your Origami blog to make the trending top ten. I'd not read some of these blogs before as they predated my time with DGPs but it's a pleasant surprise to see them resurface occasionally.

It's a lovely poem which I much enjoyed reading.

BTW, I think those origami boxy paper thingies we used to make were called something like chatterboxes or fortune boxes :-)