Saturday, 9 November 2013

Vegan vs Bacon

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 by Ashley Lister

 If you know a vegan
And think that this might cause him harm
There's a chance that you could cure him
With a bacon barm

Everyone loves bacon
Except the pigs who die
To have their flesh turned into meat
That on the barm cakes lie

Everyone loves bacon
Except the swine now dead
Whose meat's smothered in ketchup
Between two bits of bread.

Everyone loves bacon
It's the bestest bit of pork
So kill a sow and chow chow chow
And lick him off your fork.

There's lots to be said for bacon
It's probably good for your health
So have a corker and eat a porker
Just don't make a pig of yourself



Colin Davies said...

If the good Lord had intended me to eat vegetables, he'd have made sprouts taste like Bacon.

Love this


vicky ellis said...

Cure him...:-D

Hungry now!

Ashley R Lister said...

Guys - you are too kind. Thank you :-)