Tuesday, 25 February 2014

and it's goodnight from him

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 by Ashley Lister

 This will be my last post on the Dead Good Blog. I just want to note here that it’s been a pleasure working with so many professional writers. I’ve met writers through this blog whom I admire, and I've made friends here who I hope will remain in my life for a long time into the future.

This has been a fun and exciting learning experience. Thank you all for all that you’ve taught me.




Colin Davies said...

So long Ash. You blog and unique wit will be missed.

Ashley R Lister said...

Thanks Colin. It's been a pleasure working with some real talent here.


Lara said...

This shouldn't be happening... Perhaps people will realise just how much strength you have brought to the blog when your posts and networking of all our posts is no longer occurring.

Ashley R Lister said...


Thank you.

A member of the DGP committee made it apparent to me that my posts were unwelcome on the group's FaceBook page. The member then pointed out that my involvement in writing erotica was 'tolerated' by the group and suggested my involvement with the genre had an unseemly aspect.

The committee member then said some hurtful things about my family so I retaliated in kind.

Consequently, I figured it was best for me to break my association with the DGP completely.

It's been a good two and a half years. It's been great writing with so many talented individuals and you guys have helped me stretch my abilities so I've become more than I ever thought I could be.

I hope the DGP can go from strength to strength now. I'm fairly sure the blog will continue to excel with the excellent writers who currently contribute - and the wonderful ones you'll be able to get in future.

And if a part of me hopes that some members of the DGP committee contract necrotizing fasciitis, then that's just my small-mindedness coming to the fore again.

Thank you again :-)


Emmanuel said...

I don't normally delve to deeply into stuff like this as I just go to these events to listen to the obvious poetic talent people have and I really enjoy it (even reading my own work out however scary). Since when though is any type of writing frowned upon in the DGP? I thought it was an open group that catered for all tastes. True there are some vile things we've heard in the past but they were one in a blue moon and I certainly do not count Ashley's work among them. I have had some real belly laughs when listening to his work, so I'm at a loss to understand why things have gone this way... I know not everyone enjoys my own personal style of writing but I always felt welcome regardless. Variety is key in any group like this and nobody should be made to feel like a pariah.

Shaun Brookes said...

What really gets my goat, eh? There is nothing like a bit of tolerance.
I'm the first to flare up but this is has gone way beyond daft now in my opinion. A real shame it has come to this. I guess it is all about dancing to a tune with some people... or writing.
No doubt you'll make a roaring success of something else, just as you've massively influenced so many of the positive things this group has been involved with over the years.
Sorry to see you go,

PS Emmanuel- I say everyone can and should continue to read whatever they feel is appropriate - just maybe drink more first to battle off such naysayers. I personally thought Howie got it in the neck a bit last time- something I intend to be making my feelings known on, just as soon as I figure out who the chief group steer-er is these days.

Ashley R Lister said...

Emmanuel - I need to make it clear on here, I'm not leaving because of any of the bloggers. These guys are great and deserve respect, enthusiasm, support and reading. They're all really, really good and I'm not leaving because of anything any of them have done or said.

I agree that variety is key and the variety on here is astounding and shows a tremendous range of approaches.



Ashley R Lister said...


I considered going with the 'gets my goat theme' and then remembered there are libel laws :-)

I know we've not always seen eye-to-eye but I've genuinely enjoyed working with you over the last couple of years and it's been incredible to see the way your poetry has developed into the sophisticated and focused voice that you use today.

I look forward to working with you again soon.


Colin Davies said...

It is wonderful to see so many people on here and on Facebook showing such support.

You are right Shaun, Howard did get a rum deal. On the night I tried to address it with my follow up on the mic, but I think for some it might have been too subtle.

What has happened here is wrong, and I understand that choosing your battles is very important. I know the you Ash, are going to go on from here and become stronger and stronger.

Emmanuel, I agree with you. Read what you want man, I can recommend "Dragon's Desire" very good.

vicky ellis said...

What happened? I obviously missed something.

I can only reiterate what has been said above Ash. You built this blog and kept it running. Your posts have always been insightful and entertaining. It won't be the same without your contribution.

You know my views on censorship. If you decide to take action I'll be right behind you.

Ashley R Lister said...

Cheers, Vicky. That does mean a lot to me.

I'll give you all the details when I see you at the next WordPool meeting.