Monday, 24 February 2014

What really gets my goat?

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What really gets my goat?
Apart from the Brazilian goat eater
Or people that use feet as well as the millimetre
"It's six foot one way and 500 mil the other"
Oh brother
Just pick one
and be done.

Then there's tem folk who like talk
During a film or rock concert gig
They can't just stand there and dig
the tunes blasting out from the rig
Or the story being projected
Get them ejected
Before something bad happens to their feet.

I also hate meanness
Them there who take pride
In twisting others minds
to only see their side
Because even though they're wrong, they're right
Self-preservation is their fight
And claim the rights that to others they deny.

But at the end of it all
When I'm looking the ceiling
Wondering why I have these feelings
Even though I stopped believing
Something underneath me still pretends
That the world has friends

And to dream, is the only reality I like.