Monday, 17 February 2014

Is this a question?

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Is this a question?

The legend that is the philosophy exam question to which the urban librarians claim that one student one year wrote. "If this is a Question? Then this is an answer." and got top marks. Personally I heard it as "Only if this is an answer?" Same idea, less words.

For many years, since I first heard of this interesting exploration of thought and perception I have considered many things regarding the unanswerable. Not like 'Which came first the Chicken or the Egg?' which from an evolutionary standpoint must always be the egg by definition of what constitutes a chicken. More inquiries such us: 'Is the chicken the eggs why of reproduction?'

This question has far reaching ideas that leads to reasons for reproduction. Within these thought I had the notion that the question 'Why are we here?' was some sort of genetic driving force. If we can't answer it then maybe the next generation can. This would then give a reason to procreate, the constantly push the children so that they may find the answer. But should this question ever truly be satisfied, the urge to breed would reside; there would be no point.

This led me to one conclusion: Pandas already know why we are here.

I hope you enjoy Monday's poem.

A statement to extract?
Rhetorical or fact?
A constructed situation requiring Solution?
Presentations of the choice?
A request to hear your voice?
A desperate prayer as you ask for absolution?

Please? Will you? Can I?
Stay or say Goodbye?
Three roads lay ahead one change to ride?
Is it? Are they? Won't we?
To be or not to be?
Shall I stand and shine, or cower, and hide?

Do you want to know?
What is the end of the show?
Can you still enjoy once spoilers read?
Do you believe?
Is it so hard to conceive?
What really waits for us once we are dead?





Ashley R Lister said...

Love the poem.

Ordinarily I would grumble about the fatuous philosophy question and its redundant answer but, as Stephen J Hawking has recently been quoted as saying that philosophy is no longer worth pursuing, I'm going to have to argue for the continuing usefulness of philosophy as an integral discipline that focuses our collective intellects.

Great post.