Sunday, 16 February 2014

Purple patch.

Good afternoon readers.
This week on the blog it has been all things purple. We've had colour inspirations, critical analysis and funny examples of found purple prose. This all leaves me in a bit of a cul-de-sac for ideas and so, as I like to post a Sunday poem, I've found inspiration in the over-elaborate dreams my girlfriend has been sharing with me. I think this may also double as chemical writing advice.


My girl is quitting fags again
She is showing me the way
She is mad and stressed and I confess
I'm being careful what I say.

On her arm she wears a magic patch
A steady stream of nicotine
It helps her cope but there's a catch
She is having purple dreams.

Fleshed out in vivid detail
Whilst clutching at the quilt
She sleep talks about lizards
Coming for her wearing stilts.

The alligators swim the floor
She mans the Enterprise
There are walking, talking Russian dolls
And jars of fireflies.

It brings out a kind of madness
Such surreal thoughts in her head
So when stuck for inspiration
Wear a purple patch to bed.

Thanks for reading,


Colin Davies said...

Them lizards on stilts won't dream dream themselves you know.

I do so much enjoy your Sunday posts...

Ashley R Lister said...

Love this poem. Good luck with staying sane whilst Lara quits smoking. It's one hell of a habit to break.