Monday, 3 March 2014

Blackpool Grit

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Colin has taken the decision to stop writing for the Dead Good Blog.  He wished to say goodbye and thanks for reading.  I'm sure you will agree that he has contributed many fine posts to the blog which have been a pleasure to read and his loss, along with the contributions from Ashley, will be sorely missed.

As it stands, we have two vacancies for poetry bloggers - on Monday and Saturday.  This blog is a place to discuss poetry.  Sometimes it strays into other topics such as politics.  We try to avoid upsetting anyone on this blog but sometimes opinions are not to everyone's taste.

Colin's notice regarding blogging etiquette stands.  We don't want to post anything which falls outside the law.  Comments of this variety will be removed.  If you think we have overstepped a mark, let us know and we will consider addressing the content in question.

The Lancashire Dead Good Poets are a diverse group of voices and we have produced some exceptional poetry and poetics over the years.  In the spirit of community and Blackpool grit, it is intended that this will continue to be the case, whatever our differences in the past.

Normal blogging will resume tomorrow.  We hope you will join us.

If you would like to join us on the blogging team, please drop us a line via the contact page.



Christo said...

Sorry to see Colin step back from the vanguard, but am sure that he will continue to MC the No. 5 Open Mic sessions which he does so good naturally and with growing aplomb.
One of the reasons I accepted slightly early retirement (2007) and redundancy was to shed deadlines and responsibilities.
So I do not offer myself for either of the Blogger vacancies as once Spring arrives I'm off on several Short Breaks to Oxford, London, Warwick, Oban and The Isle of Man between now and October, and regular input will restrict me too much.
However, I should enjoy contributing on poetics as a Guest Blogger from time to time.
Vicky has a piece prompted by our trip to see the RSC Ensemble abridge Taming of The Shrew at The Grand, and I hope that may fill a temporary gap occasioned by departures.
Very good fortune to Colin and Ash in their fresh endeavours, and thanks for getting the Dead Good Blog "on the road".

Christo said...