Friday, 3 October 2014

A twist in the tale ....

There are times, aren't there, when things just don't turn out the way you expect them to?  This week, has been one such week. Jam packed with appointments and meetings, I thought (stupidly, as it turns out), that I knew exactly where I would be, what time I would be there, what would be discussed and what the outcome would be. Hmmmm, maybe not. There has been twist upon twist, shock and surprise (in a good way, thankfully).

So, running with the theme this week which is "twist", I remembered that sonnets are a poem which have a twist. Now, I've never written a sonnet before, and not having had much time to myself this week I have done a small amount of research and discovered that they are not only reserved for tales of love, but could be applied to writing about problems too. If I've been mis-informed, then please accept my sincerest apologies. Also, being as how I remember very little about my English lessons through High School (sorry teacher!), if I've got all this very wrong, then again, apologies most sincere.

Here's my first ever attempt at writing a basic sonnet; it's not clever, and is written in modern day speak, but here you go.

A surprising twist:

That day I got home from work rather nifty,
to find a man loitering in my back garden,
looking around furtive and shifty,
without explanation or begging my pardon.

So I demand: "Who the hell are you?"
"What is your purpose? Friend or Foe?"
"What were you going to do?"
"Do you really think I don't  know?".

"So, you think you are innocent?"
"You don't know what I mean?"
"Don't give me answers so insolent!"
"And what would you have done if you'd not been seen?"

The interrogation revealed that I had been wrong,
He was the planner for my surprise party all along.

Well, there you go. First ever attempt at a sonnet. I know it's not clever, I know it needs an awful lot of work, but at least that's the bones laid. Any helpful advice would be welcomed in the comments section below.

Have a great weekend folks and thanks for reading. ;-) x