Saturday, 25 October 2014


I must apologise in advance to anyone not remotely interested in football or the fate of Blackpool FC. Just think of today's blog as being loosely based on Greek Tragedy! I'll keep it short.

The final whistle has blown in this afternoon's fixture at the Madejski Stadium and Blackpool have lost again - Reading 3 Blackpool 0. With nearly a third of the season gone, the Seasiders have one win and just six points to their name, are bottom of the division and are hot favourites for relegation from the Championship.

Like Cassandra, whose fate was to [fore]tell the truth and not be believed, so the Blackpool manager Jose Riga - backed by a Chorus of several thousand Blackpool supporters - has been telling the owners since before a ball was kicked that this squad isn't strong enough to hold its own in the league. It appears that he - and we - will not be believed. Said owners, with a whole heap of hubris, think they know best and it appears they're not inclined to heed advice nor to invest in the quality additions the club so obviously needs and can actually well afford.

If one were reading between the lines, one might interpret such high-handedness in any number of cynical lights. I couldn't possibly suggest what they are, for loose talk costs.... but how else to explain the illogical? The real tragedy will be for the faithful fans, true heartbeat of a once mighty club.

Relegation Trajectory
Stray pass, poor control,
penalty, own goal!
Bottom of the pile and sliding away,
it's a relegation trajectory.

The mission creep is on the loose,
he's going to kill his golden goose.
First twist its neck, then suck it dry
on this relegation trajectory.

Thanks for reading, S ;-)


Colin Davies said...

The reads really well in Brummie accent.

I feel your pain. Well said.

Steve Rowland said...

Indeed. Birmingham City may have lost 8-0 at home yesterday but Blackpool are bottom of the league and being cut loose...