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Wednesday, 9 October 2019


Steve invited me to write a guest blog and it's a new challenge for me, but I'm trying to develop my poetry and take it to another level, so I've accepted. This theme of storm appealed to me.

Metaphorical Storm Illustration
I don't have a lot to say beyond the poem, which I hope will speak for itself. I'd love to know what you think of it.

Something blew out of your eyes,
And did its turn.
I caught the drift of its tale,
Surprised myself at my approval,
Opened everything,
Allowed the victory
And in you came.

I have my terror still;
But you are generous in my defeat.
I cower in my personality
Which you are stripping slowly
To far away.
I watch the storm
Of lovedust engulf us both.

I look in glimpses to a new future.
Something, something forming and right.
And yet
My will, my will...
An arm contracts...
The fight is changing.
I resist;
Clutch at mind pieces.

There are no promises
About the promise you gave.
'It will be alright' echoes dangerously in the dark.
I try to walk
But can't find my feet.
What state am I in?
It's in between
What I was; between the God I will become.
The final storm.

I am without help.
There are people an ghosts in the wrong order
And in the wrong places.
But I'm still here.
Immortality is difficult.
I didn't expect this; but I know it.
My memory returns to millions of years before.
Each grain of recall
Strips me of something.
Where am I? What will happen?

And then sunlight. A bit of certainty.
The touch of true love
Replaces everything.
Every thought is gone.
The cure of sadness and boredom.
I wanted this.
Needed something.
Thought it would be a party
Not a storm.

But I'm glad.
Worth the long tunnel of fear.
A strange walk to peace.
Outlived the storm.

Laura Colville


Anonymous said...

A most interesting poem. Thank you.

Steve Rowland said...

Laura, I thought this was a great debut - to these eyes and ears your Storm poem is the one I've enjoyed best of all that I've read or heard you perform. It strikes me as being more ambitious, more complex than many others and some of the imagery is truly arresting. It's a thought-provoking work. 👍