Monday, 4 July 2011

An introduction.

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It seems I have been ‘blessed’ with the task of kicking things off on the blog proper and I must confess that, sitting here the afternoon before you read this, I have no idea what you can expect to read on these pages.

You may be aware of the group already; you may have been to a meeting or simply just been harassed in a college lobby before now- however which way, you know what we’re about a little bit and so to you and all those we’re just reaching out to, thank you. That comes from me, personally because I know for sure that without this group and the opportunities that it has given me, I’d be a very different person.

Poetry for me is just that, poetry. There is no smart way to put it, no long and short about it, it is just something incredible. Where else can a point be made in sixteen concise lines, in rhyme and deliver strongly on paper and aloud. Where else can an emotion be clarified, condensed and shared so easily. Where else can people grow from shy, retiring types into punchy wordsmiths that really have something to say. That is what this group for me is about- it gives us somewhere to share the things we love writing so much. We have venters and weepers, comics and traditionalists and for a group like that to come out of Blackpool, I’m sure we’re proving a lot of people wrong.

As for me, I’m a vegan, a Blackpool season ticket holder, a bit of a bigmouth and really should get a full time job... I’m sure I’ll have plenty more to say come next Monday.




Ashley R Lister said...


Thanks for delivering our inaugural post with such an erudite introduction.

"Where else can a point be made in sixteen concise lines..."

I knew there'd be numbers in this post ;-)


Lara Clayton said...

A great start to what I think will become a great blog.
Lar x

Lisa Gilbride said...

*thumbs up*

vicky ellis said...

Kicking things off... :)

Ste said...

Liking it Shaun, who's next?

Lara Clayton said...

I'm next. Eek!