Friday, 21 October 2011

It was acceptable in the 80's

Roller-boots. Deely boppers. Timmy Mallett. Roland rat. Sinclair Spectrum computers. The pop man. Getting 10p back on bottles of pop. Cycling shorts. Oversized owl glasses. Coca cola Yoyos. Breakdancing on cardboard. Cabbage Patch dolls. 1p sweets. Wham bars. Pixie boots. Freddy Kreuger. The Young ones. Spitting Image.

That’s a few things I remember growing up in the 80’s. It was a decade which contained my whole childhood. So the 80’s for me will always be fun, despite the unemployment my dad had to endure for periods of time and having no money. It was a time of hanging on to my dad’s van on my roller-boots and timing it so I let go before he hit a speed where I’d do myself an injury. A time of telling ghost stories and making dens. Building go-karts from prams and drawing hopscotch on the tarmac. Whatever adults of the world saw in the 80’s, this is what I saw.


Ashley R Lister said...

Being the grandad of this blog - I'm beginning to see an age thing going on here. During the 80s, whilst everyone else on this blog was enjoying 1p sweets and the Jolly Postman or being 4 years old, or looking at 'Wot No' graffiti, or being a spermatozoa, I was applying for a mortgage and trying to quit smoking for the first of two decades worth of unsuccessful attempts to kick the weed.

Great post.

Could someone please remind me in future to be more judicious about selecting themes?


Lara Clayton said...

"Being the grandad of this blog..." This had me chuckling - that will teach you to pick 'The 1980s' as a theme :)

A great, touching and evocative short post. I didn't get roller blades until the '90s, but I loved them. They had wheels that alternated between black and pink. And the clips on the boots were purple. I used to skate down the hill that our house was on, and never considered that broken bones could be a consequence of hurtling down a concrete pavement... This is what happens when you get older - fear sets in and everything has a danger attached to it.

Thank you for the trip down memory lane x x x

Anonymous said...

have an image of you on roller skates being towed down the street in your owl glasses, clutching a cabbage patch doll (what was it with those ugly things that people found appealing?)doing an impression of Frank Spencer (the episode with the bus). This is what the kids of today are missing out on while they sit in their rooms playing on their computers.