Monday, 30 April 2012

Star Wars

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There is a geek in our depths, readers. Somebody has decided that this week is appropriate to discuss Star Wars as a theme just because there is a slightly humorous date approaching us…

I will let you all know now that I have got the lurgy. I don’t know which snotty child or wheezing customer I picked the bug up from but, as is often the case when something like this goes around, the scene down here isn’t exactly a picture of health. I’ve been asleep since I got home from work and Lara, bless her, has had the spring knocked out of her as well. I’m using the force just to write this paragraph of filler, so bear with me.

The Force is in play within poetry. The Force that is learnt and passed on by Jedi masters, that has been crafted and developed over time until ready to harness. Yes, I’d say the magical ‘force’ is definitely in play when it comes to poetry. There are skills to work at, there are restraints to consider and as with all things that cause you to push a pen around a page, there are often powerful feelings and opinions at play- things that need careful moderation. Too much of these things and you’ll do people damage.

It has been playing on my mind how to write this blog all day. I’ve been toying with an idea of a Star Wars shaped poem with three stanzas coming together to form a trilogy and then a further three stanzas to tell some extra story slotted in before the original three. The idea has been stewing a while, bubbling around the cauldron of thoughts and I’ve come to realise that my life can be charted in the films themselves. The first was re-released when I was leaving junior school, the second on a family holiday, the third I saw with friends at a party and the other three films tell a completely different story that seems much more relevant and yet would need the backdrop of the other stanzas... I've been playing with the idea a lot, it just isn’t happening with my head like this…

One thing that has come up though is memory. In searching my past for Star Wars related moments- the little clips in my brain that have been tagged as appropriate by  my subconscious I found myself in a bit of a goldrush. I opened up a channel looking for one thing and the stream of memories has powered through the dam. At some point, they may themselves make it onto paper but the point is, they are at least coming out now.
I will rearrange the fragments I have into a poem at some point in the next day or so (when I feel a little better) and am confident there is enough there to create of those intriguing (well, hopefully) ‘first time I did ___’ poems. It could have been a collection of kisses. It could have been a collection of holiday memories. It could have been anything really but some bugger has set the theme as Star Wars…

I hope all you readers can take something from this blog today. I've found myself writing a ramble on thoughts. It hasn’t been much of an effort but, in sickness I am allowed a bad week, aren't I. I guess, what I have been trying to say is that there are poetry goldmines inside us all; the trick is just to unlock them. For homework, use "the first time you ever..." as a starting block, who knows where the force will take you.
Until next week then, thanks for reading.

PS If I manage this poem when I’m feeling a little better, I’ll post it up for you all. I can almost hear the gasp of anticipation… J



Ashley R Lister said...

The flu bug is strong in this one.

Hope you're feeling better soon. And thanks for a cool start to the week.


Rachael Hirst said...

Star Wars theme, what a fantastic idea :)I'm really looking forward to this week.

This is the blog you're looking for :)