Friday, 8 June 2012

U Summertime yet?

Summertime as Jazzy Jeff and the fresh prince used to sing of doesn’t seem to come around as much as when I was a kid. I remember long summer holidays with sunburnt legs, drawing on the concrete with chalk, building dens and water fights. Trips to the beach and licking ice creams full of sand.  Laying warm legs on cool grass at the park for a picnic.  Now we’re lucky if we get a break in the clouds for five minutes.
I find today’s summers deflating. I never complain of the heat, ever. I love the summer sunshine, it makes me happy. Since my first child was born it has rained every summer. Yes we get occasional bursts of sunshine and heat but didn’t they used to last for weeks and contribute to our perception of summertime as a sunny time? I can almost feel the vitamin D deficiency developing.

So what can I say of summertime, something I haven’t seen for a long time? Just that I miss it.


Ashley R Lister said...

I think you're right. I think we did used to get better summer weather in the last century.

Great post (but who the hell is Jazzy Jeff?)


Jo Michaels said...

I miss it too. I feel out of sorts with no sunshine. :(

Nice Fresh Prince reference. I miss their music! It was funny and fun. Off to look A Nightmare on My Street up on You Tube for some nostalgia.