Monday, 2 July 2012

One Candle

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A year ago this week, I found myself sitting in this very same chair, thinking exactly the same thought as I have for, oh, about a year. What in hell am I going to write for this blog? It is a question that has plagued me since the off- right from that very first post when I confidently predicted to “have no idea what you can expect to read on these pages” and one that still itches away beneath my skin now. Yet weekly, I put both you guys and myself through it. There have been some funny old posts, some downright ridiculous and some we can all look back on with pride.

In that first post I promised we would have some punchy wordsmiths. Well, aside from our own blogging just have a look through some of the guest bloggers we’ve had this year. I said there would be group news on here and we have aimed to inform you of the events, to report back and at the same time, keep poetry and Blackpool current.  I feel, as a site still cutting its milk teeth in the scheme of things, we have done a pretty good job. I know of very few sites trying to approach poetry blogging like we do, so to all the other bloggers, thanks for making me feel such a pressure to write every week- you guys set the standard so high!

Finally, I’ll just say how proud I am to have been a dead good blogger this year. Long may we continue and, short of doing a birthday speech, I’ll leave it at that.

Thanks for your continued support and a very happy birthday to us!



Ashley R Lister said...

If this was FaceBook, I would be clicking the like button :-)


f.p. said...

Thank you! This is really terrific. And thanks for the birthday wish!