Friday, 28 September 2012

Red stuff.

11:44:00 Posted by Lindsay , , 2 comments

What can I say about the colour red?

A dash of red on a monochrome background creates a beautiful and intense image.

Spots of red on the skin can indicate illness.

Bright red lips hint at sexual availability.

Red spiders look more dangerous than brown ones.

Red spilled blood creates panic.

Red trousers can be found on the site ‘Look at my f**king red trousers’

Red lights mean stop.

Red leaves usher in the autumn.

Red poppies mean respect.

That’s it I suppose.


Ashley R Lister said...

Why the hell have I just wasted half an hour looking at men wearing red trousers?



vicky ellis said...

Bright red lips also hint at vampirism or jam addiction :)