Monday, 22 October 2012

Ghostly Goings-On

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 This is just a short message to explain what’s coming up over the next fortnight here on the Dead Good Blog. In the build up to Halloween we have two weeks on the same theme of Ghostly Goings-On.

·         As you will have noticed, the background for the blog has changed into something spooky.
·         You’ll also notice that there’s a widget to the right explaining about the weather in Blackpool.

But, to give you some backstory first:

Earlier this year former Dead Good Blogger, Mr Standard, working on behalf of the Dead Good Poets with Blackpool Council Arts Service and Blackpool Illuminations, began to collate a collection of short spooky stories and poems. These pieces of fiction were to be used in the Haunted Blackpool installation on Blackpool’s promenade. The collection of scary spoken stories has since gone on to be published as an anthology of scary shorts.

As the editor of this collection explains in the foreword to the published collection:

The Haunted Blackpool installation is sited on The Cliffs, Queen’s Promenade, Blackpool for the duration of the Centenary Illuminations season. Local artists Carlio Juanito and Rick Thompson worked with the writers to facilitate the transition from paper to projection. Their efforts culminated in the form of two ghostly mannequins, baring the faces of the Dead Good Poets, whom regaled passers-by with their scary stories amongst crumbling gravestones and rusting iron fences.

This anthology returns the writing to its original incarnation as paper and prose and is intended as a celebration of both the project and the people involved.
Stroud, S.G. (2012) The Dead Good Poets’ Haunted Blackpool,
Blackpool Council Arts Service, Blackpool.

The Haunted Blackpool installation is a pleasure to behold. The Haunted Blackpool anthology will be launched on Halloween. As part of the celebration, weather permitting, there will be a reading on the promenade outside the Haunted Blackpool installation. Some of the writers are threatening to turn up in fancy dress. It should be a lot of fun.

So, to make sure you know who will be there, how to get there and whether or not the event will be running on Halloween (because the weather does play an important factor in this), please keep checking back to these pages.

·         Use the weather forecast on the right of the page as a guide.
·         Heed the wise words of the current bloggers.
·         And don’t forget to tell all your friends that you know some of this town’s scariest writers.

I should also add, over the next couple of weeks we’ll be hosting some potential new members to the Dead Good Blogging team and we trust regular readers of these pages will give these new writers the warm and enthusiastic welcome they deserve.