Sunday, 23 December 2012

I Think Therefore I Am

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 As always, readers of this blog are cordially invited to the Dead Good Poets' open mic event. This time we're looking at a theme of "I Think, Therefore I Am."

However, as always, the theme is only there as a guideline and poets and writers can feel free to explore and produce work on any appropriate subject.

As always the evening will be divided into a family-friendly first half and an uncensored second half.

Part of the reason why I'm mentioning this on here is so that readers can update their diaries early and keep the first Friday of every month free in their calendars. From now on the Dead Good Poets are aiming to meet at the No. 5 Cafe on the first Friday of every month - themes to be notified through FaceBook and via email.

We look forward to seeing old faces and new friends.


Christo Heyworth said...

Sorry to have missed Sunday's "do", but pleased at the "first Friday" decision for 2013 - planning ahead makes life so much easier.

See everyone on Friday 4th. January following my Start The Year Blood Test Check - BDGPS will be rather pleasanter, I hope.