Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Where's Shaun?

10:17:00 Posted by Ashley Lister , , 3 comments
 by Ashley Lister

Have you seen this poet? 

Nominal reward offered for anyone able to locate this missing poet. Shaun was last seen blogging a few weeks ago. Since then he's disappeared from the face of the planet. 

If anyone is able to locate this blogger-cum-poet and get him to post his Monday blog entries again, we will offer a copy of the Poets' Guide to Blackpool.

All communications will be treated in the strictest confidence. The public are warned not to approach this man as he will probably try and bum a fag off them :-)



vicky ellis said...

I thought I saw him boarding a flight to Timbuktu. He said Nancy was sending him there but he would be back again.

Christo Heyworth said...

Has Shaun suffered Writer's Block as a result of the cold, and gone to seek out "a beaker of the warm South", perhaps?

Adele said...

We need you Shaun. Timbuktu is under seige at the moment and possibly the most dangerous place on earth.

Come back soon. The blog just isn't the same without your distinctive voice and satirical humour!