Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Poetic Research Bureau

Research - Stage One

backlog, duologue, kellogg, prologue, saw log, yule log, air log, chip log, colog, deck log, gas log, ground log, hand log, head log, log-log, rough log, scrap log, shot-log, sled-log, stay-log, step-log, stop log, well log, catalogue, dialogue, monologue, catalog, analogue, analog, antilog, apologue, decalogue, dialog, epilogue, grammalogue, harpoon log, homologue, ideologue, patent log, taffrail log, anchor log, bilge log, breastwork log, card catalog, card catalogue, monopolylogue, library catalog, interior monologue, dog, hog, hogue, top dog, backlog, hound dog, badger dog, bandog, bird dog, bulldog, cant dog, coach dog, duologue, eclogue, guard dog, guide dog, gun dog, hangdog, hot dog, hot-dog, kellogg, musk hog, prologue, road hog, saw log, sea dog, sheep dog, sheepdog, sled dog, sledge dog, sundog, warthog, watchdog, yule log, air log, bench dog, bird-dog, black dog, boar dog, bush dog, chain dog, chip log, clamp dog, colog, coon dog, deck log, earth hog, field dog, fogdog, fox dog, game dog, gas log, gay dog, catalogue, dialogue, monologue, catalog, analogue, demagogue, prairie dog

Research - Stage Two

air log - a device for recording the distance traveled by an aircraft
chip log - a log for measuring the speed of a vessel
colog - the logarithm of the reciprocal of a number, often used in expressing....
head log - a front bottom log on a skidway
log-log - the logarithm of a logarithm
stay-log - an eccentric arm mounted on a lathe as a support for a veneer flitch...
stop log - a hydraulic engineering control element that are used in floodgates to adjust the water level or flow rate...
well log - a detailed record of the geologic formations penetrated by a borehole
antilog - the number of which a given number is the logarithm
harpoon log - a log consisting of a rotator and a distance-registering device combined in a cylindrical case and towed astern
patent log - any of various devices for determining the speed of a ship by means of a vaned rotor streamed at the end of a log line
taffrail log - an object dragged from the stern of the vessel to calculate the vessel's speed through the water
breastwork log - a log placed on the lower side of a skidding trail to hold logs on the trail while being skidded
bandog - any dog, as a mastiff or bloodhound, kept tied or chained

cant dog - a wooden pole with a blunt steel tip and an adjustable hook at one end, used for handling logs
coach dog - a former name for Dalmatian
sundog - an atmospheric phenomenon that creates bright spots of light in the sky, often on a luminous ring or halo on either side of the sun
fogdog - a bright spot sometimes seen in a fog bank

gay dog- a man given to gay or licentious self-indulgence

Research - Stage Three



  • Fogdog Poetry - a recently demised poetry group in the US
  • The Fogdog Review - the literary outlet for Wright State University in Ohio
  • Fogdog Gallery - a thriving gallery situated in the same town as the demised poetry group


If there's an uncommon word with a romantic/nature-based meaning there is probably a literary magazine registered under that title.  (Rule 34 also applies)

Poets should piggyback on the success of other art forms to maintain interest.  Ekphrasis anyone?

Poetry retreats tend to be run in natural/green settings.  This is counter-intuitive.  Poets are intended to suffer. 

The Poetic Research Bureau is a real thing.  Its creators seem to be lost somewhere in the decomposing bowels of James Joyce. They favour 'appropriations, impersonations, 'compost' poetries, belated conversations, unprintable jokes and doodles, 'unoriginal' literature, historical thefts and pastiche'.  If anyone knows what the hell compost poetry is, please do enlighten me.


Colin Davies said...

Compost Manure - organic matter that has been decomposed and recycled as a fertilizer and soil amendment

Animal Manure - Most animal manure is feces. An organic matter used as organic fertilizer in agriculture

The difference seems to be, one is made inside the body while the other is outside the body.

So I can only conclude that Compost Poetry is Externalising Shit.

Really enjoyed this post.

Ashley R Lister said...

Rule 34.

It is true.

Great post,


Lisa McFleeca said...

After sifting through a lot of awful poetry about actual compost on Google, it seems that compost poetry refers to poetic collage. I think. I've kind of skim read but here's the link I found. I may have this wrong so I'll warn you now...

I often don't get to comment on your blogs till late, because every time you do one I end up sitting with a pad taking notes. In a none Standard way, I wish I had your brains!

Really interesting post again!!

L :-)

Standard said...

I love the way you come at the themes from strange angles, always with a message. Great post as usual. Makes me want to dig out my theory books again