Saturday, 22 June 2013

Successful Blogging

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 by Ashley Lister

 For me, the key to successful blogging involves three things:

            ·         Be part of a brilliant team
            ·         Write outstandingly good material
            ·         Win awards.

Huge congratulations to all the Dead Good Bloggers for being shortlisted for the Radio Wave Culture and Lifestyle awards. Once again, as most of you will know, we were nominated for Radio Wave’s prestigious website of the year award.

I wasn’t able to attend the ceremony this year because of teaching commitments but several of our writers went to represent the team effort that is the Dead Good Blog. If they get chance over the weekend I'm sure there will be comments and hopefully pictures posted from those bloggers.

I’m writing this on a Tuesday morning, so I don’t yet know who won – but I do know that being nominated is a huge achievement in itself and I’m proud that the work we do on this blog is being recognised by local industry and regular readers.

So, although I suspect thanks will already have been issued, I want to say here: 

            ·         thank you to everyone who nominated us and voted for us
            ·         thank you to Radio Wave for hosting such another fantastic evening and 
            ·         thank you to everyone on the Dead Good Blog for making this blog such an achievement. 



Colin Davies said...

Getting to the Radio Wave event in the Blackpool Tower Ballroom was an achievement.

With all the road works in this town at the moment it's achievement getting anywhere.

I am honoured to stand here
And extremely proud
To accept this award
Voted by the crowd
Well done Viva Blackpool
You do one heck of a job
And to our friends at Altblackpool
You have a magnificent blog
But to win this award
Means the world to me
So in your face Evening Gazette
You didn't even make the top three

These would have been the acceptance speech :(

Well done bloggers :)

Lisa McFleeca said...

Gutted that creativity lost to a commercial bookings site. However between Alt Blackpool and BDGP we share the same audience reducing our own votes...

However was a great night, much fun, I'm still tired!

Congrats on the nomination guys (and Col, you'd have slayed that speech, well done!)

L xx

vicky ellis said...

Altblackpool isn't a blog, it's an online magazine. Just saying ;-)

We won last year don't forget. This blog showcases poetry-themed articles seven days per week with a depth of knowledge, experience and creativity on show. I know many excellent poets, storytellers and artists who enjoy what we do. For me, that achievement surpasses this popularity contest.

Great post Ash, I concur.

Standard said...

And to our friends at Alt Blackpool
We give a loving snog?

(Especially Duncan, he's dishy!) ;)

Ashley R Lister said...

Thanks guys.

Colin - I would love to have heard that speech being delivered.

Lisa - we made the top 3. I think that's a hell of an achievement.

Vicky - you're right. We don't do this for awards or to beat other websites. We do this because we're good and because we can.

Standard - I am now worried that we'll have a theme one week where you and Colin are trying to outdo each other by slaking your literary appetites on Duncan's 'dishy' body.