Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Blue stuff

Yeah, so my first week back and the theme is, erm, blue. Magic.

List? Done already.

Poem? Done already.

Let's have an interview with a blue frog named Terry. Is that tenuous enough? Blue frogs are interesting aren't they? Aren't they? Hmm?

Terry enjoys kayaking and running marathons as well as poetry open mic's. At weekends he helps out at the local homeless shelter and is the first aider at the local scout group. He always buys a copy of the Big Issue and knits baby clothes for donation to the maternity ward of Blackpool Vic.

Me: What inspires you most about poetry?

Terry: Ribbit

I think you'll agree that was short but very informative.


Colin Davies said...

I now know more about the Blue Frog than I every knew before.

One question, does it play the banjo? Or is that only Sad Frogs?

Welcome back.

Ashley R Lister said...


Good to see you back. I hope to God no one else was thinking of interviewing blue frogs this week.

Great post,


Lindsay said...

Colin - I think his granddad was in McCartney's Frog Chorus, so there is music in his blood ;)

Ash - Yes I thought that would be next on the list so dived right in there first.

vicky ellis said...

I now have to rewrite my post :(

Did I mention Terry's my cousin? I bet he didn't tell you about his crack addiction did he? It's time he was up front about that stuff. Oh, and the knitting? He steals that stuff from actual babies and passes it off as his own work. I hate Terry.

Brilliant to have you back :D xx