Friday, 3 January 2014

Ever Onward

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Every moment that passes is a new start, the beginning of the Future. But is it mapped out already, or constantly changing with each choice made creating parallel universes of opportunities?

The dawn of 2014 coincided with a New Moon. Something that doesn't happen very often. Ancient Cultures believed that every New Moon was a new start and a victory of light over darkness. So the fact that this has occurred would have heralded something very special indeed to them no doubt. There was also a "Super Moon" around the time of the Winter Solstice, again pertaining to great change ahead. So if you believe in such things, like they did, it would mean that 2014 should be something of importance right? RIGHT?

Whatever your beliefs, I hope your New Year was a fantastic one, and that you didn't suffer as a result of your celebrations.  HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!  Make it a good one, make it count for something incredible!!  The future is in your hands after all.

The Future:

One of the greatest unanswered questions:
What does the future hold?
Do you know? I know I don't,
I wouldn't be so bold.
Things have happened in my life,
That I wouldn't have ever dreamed,
Good things along with the bad,
And a lot more in between.
So I view the future as a blank page,
Filling it as I go along,
Though my story may be unremarkable,
Doubtfully ever regaled in song.
Nonetheless, it is my own,
A record of my existence,
Each page I fill moves me onward,
To the next moment with persistence.
Discoveries along the way,
Mould me and help me grow,
Make for a better person,
Although sometimes hard to see, I know.
I don't know what is around the next corner,
I take life as it comes,
Cross each bridge as I come to it,
Embrace those tough lessons along with the fun.
Whomsoever, I shall encounter,
Whenever events will occur,
Wherever my life will take me,
Whatever results are thereby incurred.
I will continue on my journey,
Until this body makes its way off the stage,
Then start again on a different course,
With a pristine fresh blank page.

The above is a work in progress, but thanks for reading. ;-)



Ashley R Lister said...

Love it.

Colin Davies said...

Loved hearing this at the open mic tonight. Cracking work.