Monday, 3 February 2014


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Staged Connection

An inkling of a notion of a premise of an idea
Synoptically outlined for the outside world to hear.
Connected by the minds of those who read and them who listen,
The poets' words combine to build an image in transmission.

Reach out and touch the colours of the flowers in the meadow,
Smile at the antics of the creatures in the hedgerow.
Marvel at the splendour of the grand and open plains,
Giggle with delight at the love which still remains.

The words have all been drawn, for each and everyone,
Meanings that connects us all beneath the eclipsed sun.
A heart in torment suffers fools to hear they're not alone,
Then the weaving of some syllables to delight at being home.

As darkness falls my pain is clear to all who care to see,
A raven's visit, repetitive lines, have come to annoy me.
Wistful, mournful, full of self, an outward images lies,
Laugh along at the skipping rhymes as the performance poet cries.

They stand on stages, piles of paper, to tell you how it goes,
In lines of verse designed to touch in ways that no one knows.
But don't forget the reason that you feel so entertained,
Is down to skills that connect the lives of those who are the same.

See you all on Friday :)


Ashley R Lister said...

You had me hooked from the opening line of this one. I could feel the rhythm as I was reading it.