Sunday, 30 March 2014

Not in fear but thanks. A mother's day poem.

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Twelve years ago when I went in for an operation (the first and only one so far), I learnt the true meaning of fear. I gave the doctors and nurses in the hospital complete control over my life in going under the knife and, in doing so learnt that life is so much easier when there is someone behind you, making sure everything is going right. There are some people in life that it is hard to do without and, if my medicated state is anything to go by, today is a day of celebration for that very person. Yes, today is Mother's Day and anyone who speaks to my mother will know that as a hormonal teen, fresh from surgery, I came round from the anaesthetic crying out for my mum.
I've never been in the situation since and don't intend to start now but thinking back, I know it would have been a much harder night in hospital had I not had such a caring companion with me at the time. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not a completely gushing mummy's boy and have always been more than capable of doing things on my own but, in the times of need, there is always one person a boy can rely on to sort things out and so today, on Mother's Day and after my unscheduled visitation this morning, I've written a poem for those women all around the country (nay, globe) that do such a tireless job in bringing up the men and women of the world. The ones we can rely on from the darkest hour to the brightest moment. Mums, we love you and so today, it feels more appropriate to write in thanks than it does in fear. After all, would anyone choose to live in a world without mothers.

With thanks

For drying every child's tears
For putting them back on the bike
For quashing the financial fears
For keeping on the lights
For loving deep within the womb
Til the day their face grows old
For being there when women leave
For clothing against the cold
For feeding them relentlessly
For showing us just how to fend
For the times when boys feel so alone
For being there right to the end
For teaching us right and loving
Just the same when we get it wrong
For showing young men how to care
For always carrying on
For teaching us just how to live
For the guidance we could all do with
For giving every drop of milk
It is possible to give
For cradling each infant
For teaching them how to read
For each essential lesson in life
For living without greed
For the days when things are helpless
For strength when worlds fall apart
Thank you, just for being you
And for building the young man's heart.

Thanks for reading. And mum, I love you.


vicky ellis said...

Nawwwww :)

Feeding them relentlessly though? I think I saw a Channel 5 documentary about didn't end well.