Friday, 28 March 2014

Nothing to Fear, but fear itself?

Gut wrenching, indomitable, overpowering terror. Something which many people will encounter at some point in their lives. Don't think for one second that I am being dramatic, it's true!

But it is how a person deals with it, that creates strength of character. Even people who struggle with it for many years, whether in the form of depression, OCD or phobia's, show the turmoil and continue with their lives, speaks volumes to me. The survival instinct of the Human Race in glorious technicolour. There are organisations and people willing to listen or help, all we have to do is reach out and ask.

I fight a daily battle myself, yet plough through it doggedly. I WILL NOT GIVE UP! It is easy to feel isolated. My message to others .... you're not alone! As a society we judge others all the time. If you find yourself doing it, stop and ask yourself "What's their story? What events in their lives have made them the person they are today?". Consider the possibilities, realise your own situation and what may have brought you to that point in your life, and then ask yourself if you still believe in your initial split second judgement.

Life is for living and loving, and that's something I move towards everyday. Growing as a person along the way, ever changing, yet rooted.

Today, the act of kindness from a stranger reminded me of all this. Which is why my post is a little late today. It is different from the blog I was originally going to write. That act of kindness in the form of concern for my well-being made me want to pass it forward.

Thank you .....

Today you made all the difference
Made me realise I wasn't alone
You listened carefully and quietly
Allowed me to have a moan.

When you spoke, I felt the sincerity
The genuine heartfelt concern
No judgemental doctrine
Only caring words in return.

Saying "Thank You" seems inadequate
Not conveying the true depth
Of my gratitude for your attention
Your kindness, I won't forget!

I realise the concept of "paying it forward" is an Americanism. It is however, one I fully intend on adopting.  Sometimes it is the little things that make all the difference to a persons day.

Thanks for reading. ;-) x



Colin Davies said...

Kindness is an easy thing to do, yet so many find it so hard.

I see a lot of kindness where other only see selfishness.

To have been affected by kindness, to see how wonderful we can be, is truly life changing.

Thank you for the post

Adele said...

Spontaneous acts of generosity. Priceless. 4 63268652

Louise Barklam said...

The point I was trying to make, rather clumsily, was that this person saw that I might be struggling with things in the form of fear of loss, listened and offered a word of advice. Not something I was expecting from someone I've only met a couple of times and don't know as a person. But that small act of kindness meant so much because of that lack of familiarity. Thank you Bernice! ;-)

Bernice. said...

Thank you Louise you are truly very talented. You have come a long way since I saw you, continue on that road. If ever you need a listening ear, you know where I am. Love Bernice xx

Louise Barklam said...


Thank you so much. I hope your journey becomes a little easier too. Sending a big hug your way.

Louise. xx