Friday, 21 March 2014


I love Spring. Not too hot, not too cold, it brings hope, beauty and the Sun, which in turn gives us some much needed Vitamin D after months of harsh and gloomy weather. The air itself is fresher and it is all I can do sometimes to restrain myself and not make a complete spectacle by standing and enjoying the weather and taking in a big, deep, over dramatic breath.  Although, if there's no-one around, I do that anyway. I feel happier, and my smile is wider for it.

Believe it or not, one of the best places to appreciate Spring is in a Graveyard or Crematorium. On my visits to Carleton Crematorium it is absolutely stunning, so a while ago now I penned a poem about it.  Over time, I have re-visited that same poem and edited and expanded upon it.  It now sounds like this:

My Tranquil Haven
A warm embrace from the Sun up above,
Bringing life to nature abound,
Flowers stretching, shaking off Winters Cold,
A rainbow sea all around.
Purples and Pinks, Whites and Reds,
Yellows, Oranges and Blues,
Offerings marking affection and respect,
Differing plants in all manner of hues.

Tree's standing sentinel offer a welcome shade,
Diffusing and dappling the Sun,
Cascading catkins veil and bow low,
Cherry Blossom petals dance, not to be outdone. 

The verdant grass and leaves whisper softly,
Caressed by a tender breeze,
Birds aloft sing their sweetest of songs,
The World seemingly at ease.

New life burgeoning above the earth,
Below, our ancestors, in natural shroud, 
In harmony together, just like our love,  
I recall fondly, it was emblazoned so proud. 

So calm and serene, a place to reflect
To remember someone so dear
Tranquillity reigns in the Cemetery
I visit without any fear.

I realise that some may find that a little morbid, but it wasn't intended that way at all. I'm sure it will perhaps change again before I am completely happy with it.

Any-hoo, thanks for reading. x



Christo said...

It is good to know that some people find solace in the grounds of Carleton Crematorium - the ashes of my father, my mother and our daughter are scattered there, as were my late wife's ashes scattered on a rose garden, and will assist growth for many years to come.

I find its location very unattractive, though, visit it very irregularly, and have never felt warm or full of happy memories.

Your article/poem is more gladdening than the place itself. Lytham Crem is much, much better from my POV.

Colin Davies said...

Love poem Louise.

I have always found great calm and solace in graveyards ever since I was a child.

They seem to have been designed to turn grief into reflection.

Thank you for sharing

vicky ellis said...

Not morbid, a very tranquil poem.

I live near Carleton Crematorium and sometimes walk there if I need to think. The poem shows your capacity to observe all the little details around you. It works beautifully xx