Wednesday, 2 April 2014


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Ah, families, those little dysfunctional bundles that both influence and surround us. Source of pain and joy. And endless laughter. My youngest son Isaac is a complete bundle of energy, inquisitiveness, bad behaviour and source of belly-laughs. I plan to record the majority of it in photographs to use at his wedding when he grows up.

Things my four year old Isaac has done that have made me laugh despite trying to be cross;

Covered himself in printer ink from head to toe, including his hair. He wanted to be Batman.

Drawn a full picture of Santa and a snowman trotting up to a house at Christmas. In Sharpie n my bedroom wall.

Made snow angels. In washing powder on the kitchen floor.

Told my mum that she had to go to his dads one day as he can do something really good and she'd really like it. Take his false teeth out.

Shouted "Look at that little man! He's a midget!" as we passed a gentleman of short stature whilst getting off the bus right in front of his face.

Stuck a sanitary towel on my foot as a "plaster".

There are loads more I will probably remember when I've posted this but for all he needs to be watched like a hawk his character never fails to cheer me up. When I feel sad he gives me a "feel better" cuddle. Makes it all worth every second of wiping lipstick off the walls, removing whole rolls of toilet rolls from the toilet and finding new art on my walls. Children, the ultimate comedy act.