Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The True Origin of Surrealism

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When Steve asked me to submit a piece for the blog I was delighted...except when he informed me that the title was "Surrealism" (gulp...) So I put on my thinking cap..looked it up on Google... Interesting , it was a poet who coined the word..good start...something about 1920's..right...dreams, abstract visions ? Surely a piece from the late 1960's ? Delved into my archives, and found a poem that would fit the bill...about disco dancing, coloured lights, atmosphere, psychedelia ...getting warmer...satisfied. Anyway, having made my mind up I was discussing the event with Don, who asked in his dry humour " Surrealism? Who's he ?" Complete change of mind in an instant...enter "The True Origin of Surrealism"....

Sir Reyal Issim, knight of old
Was brave and strong, courageous and bold.
Rode to rescue maidens fair
(Especially if they had blonde hair!)

Brave Sir Issim dreamt of fame
Got wounded and now he's lame-
Fell heavily off his horse..
No pension those days, of course.

And so Sir Issim thought of a plan
To make himself a wealthy man.
Took up art with a brush
And finished his paintings in a rush

Distorted bodies, floating eyes,
Apples, vegetables and some meat pies !
Nobody could understand his work
They all thought him quite a birk!

So poor Sir Issim in his time
Never made a single dime.
His paintings lay lost and forlorn,
Till the 20th century dawn.

Found in an attic covered in dust-
Someone thought "Yes  really we must
Exhibit these for all to see
Come one and all, admission free ! "

Well they took the art world quite by storm.
These wondrous paintings once forlorn.
Worth a fortune now , you see.
Signed Sir Reyal Issim, 1543 !

Thanks for reading, Kathleen Curtiss