Sunday, 10 January 2016


Sometimes when I present my work people look at me strange. They like what I do but it seems to scare them that I'm able to think of such things in such ways. Take this blog for example. You are happily reading this body text thinking “I thought this week the theme was Oriental and here's Colin going on about people looking at him strange as if that was strange”

But what if I told you that being creative is a form of madness; a symptom maybe? I said this to someone once. Their response was “Oh, well that explains everything.”

I thought, “It does?” and so I tried to figure out what being mad did explain. I came up with:

1.    Why the smell of old books is better than the smell of chips. (Because you're nuts)
2.    Why you can describe things in poems using words that have nothing to do with what you are describing. (because you're a loon)
3.    Why popping bubble wrap is soooooo satisfying. (because you're crazier than a box of frogs)

Then I thought, well if everything was explained because someone was batting for clowns, then that would mean everyone who ever did anything must be spoon-bendingly twisted. This then leads me to believe that, because every single person, creature and plant on this planet actually does something, even the smallest thing like breathing, all of which contribute to mass bundle of stuff known as chaos and thus all being important to the constant running of this planet, then all of the 7 point something billion humans plus the trillions of creatures and plants all working together must be more Barking than a suburb in the East of London.

And if that's the case, the no one is normal and the entire world, from capitalist chain store to Fracking gas Barons,  is run by complete fruit loops. Which explains everything.

So if everyone is completely Chicken Oriental, why look at me strange?

And I'm insane?

Drill down
Smash rock
Just to see how mush gas they've got?
And they call me mad?

Tell lies
Change they're minds
Just to say say rich man's hide?
And they call me mad?

Giving one family
For being born
Because the Americans buy tea towels with them on?
And they call be mad?

Well I am mad
I'm mad as hell
That these self appointed elite get to tell
Us what to do.

They must be mad.

Colin Davies