Saturday, 26 March 2016

Green Shoots?

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"Most reasonable minded people will see the green shoots of recovery are showing"...

Bloomfield Road visited by aliens?

Thus spake the chairman of our "cash-rich club" (allegedly the envy of the football league) when he broke radio silence recently to explain in a string of cliches that, despite Blackpool FC flirting with a second successive relegation - this time to the bottom division a mere six years after lighting up the Premier League - he will get it right (although he didn't manage to do so last time or the time before that or the time before that....) Plus, his father is a self-made multi-millionaire who has told us: "I really believe we can get back to winning ways and return to the top flight. For my part, I am dedicating my life to achieving the success that we all want."

It would be churlish of us to doubt their wisdom, their vision and their collective determination to rebuild the fortunes of our football club - were not those very attributes as hard to evidence as the multi-millions the club is supposed to be worth; and, by the way, they are weeks late in filing the company results for the year to May 2015 and the club president Valeri Belokon is taking High Court action against them.

Therefore I say: Churls of the world unite. 'Tis the season, with good reason, to be sceptical.

[This week I am perforce a silent poet - self-gagging at the dictate of jurisprudence.]

Thanks for reading, S ;-)


Anonymous said...

Tight-lipped and safe hands. Good shout.

Annie Walton said...

Steve you have such a way with words!
Look mate I had to get out my concise oxford to remind me of the meaning jurisprudence !


Anonymous said...

Just heard Owen Oyston on the radio saying they've done nothing wrong and the media are liars. Premier League to bottom division in 5 years - what exactly have they done right? Time to go. Oystons out!