Friday, 11 March 2016

The circle of life?

The theme this week is Meat is Murder?

I have little to add to the subject except to say that I don't believe it is. It is a matter of survival of the fittest, the circle of life and all that. Humans have hunted their food since the dawn of time. I understand that many people I know are vegetarians or vegan. That is their choice and I respect that. But I am not. I like meat thank you. That is not to say that I agree with hunting for so called "sport" because I don't. That is just cruel and unnecessary. But that is a topic for another day. I do believe however, that any animal that is bred to be produce for us to eat, should be treated well. I don't hold with force breeding or caged animals etc.. In a world where far to much food is thrown away on a daily basis, I think it is better to buy what you really need on a daily basis rather than overbuy and let things go to waste. I hate throwing any food away. I also think that we've gone soft over the years. Probably due to health scares like Mad Cow Disease, salmonella and the like, we have stopped eating parts of the animals which were widely eaten before, such as Kidneys, tongue, heart, liver etc. Some may call it offal, but I like it! Ba-bum-tsh!

Anyway, each to their own ... That's what I say! Talking of Liver ....

Twisted Language:

This week my son proudly announced
That he'd eaten his Nanny's liver.
She'd been babysitting in my absence
And for a split second it made me quiver, 
The thought that my 7 year old
Had morphed into Hannibal Lecter,
And instead of a Chianti
He'd have a Fruit Shoot as his choice of nectar! (other drinks brands are available)
What diabolical event
Could have possibly occurred?
To turn my little angel
Into Devils' spawn, undeterred
By social niceties,
He was proud of what he'd achieved!
But of course, it hadn't actually happened.
Poor use of language meant my brain had been deceived.
For bubbling away in the kitchen
In a lovely gravy, rich and thick,
My Mum had prepared Ox liver,
Slow cooked, never quick!
The aroma had proved too tempting
For my little pickle to resist,
And as he's a picky eater,
It was an opportunity not to be missed!
Though she thought that he would hate it
My wonderful Mum had seized upon 
This moment to let him try some,
The little devil loved it! Ah yes, That's my son!

Thanks for reading. ;-) x