Tuesday, 3 May 2016


This week's theme is chocolate. Well it's never really interested me to that extent. I was diagnosed as lactose intolerant almost forty years ago so milk chocolate has been a "no, no" since then. However I never missed it , although I can have plain chocolate or dairy free chocolate. I must confess that I've literally BARS of both stacked in a top cupboard, and might indulge in a square or two each month! When I go hillwalking I have a few squares in my ' emergency rations  ', and every six weeks or so I eat these rations and restock the supply. As a child I ate ' Five Boys chocolate' , and had occasional individual fingers of Cadbury's...this was because my mother was concerned that I could not put on weight, and this was supposed to help ( it didn't ). Later when I was " courting" it seemed the done thing for a boy to give a gift of a box of chocolates.....I filled the bottom drawer of the sideboard with unopened boxes.....as they didn't interest me!

Now my husband was different . He was a ' chocoholic '! It became an addiction with humorous results. Friends plied him with the stuff...even to chocolate scented soaps, toothpaste and tobacco!! Whilst watching a football match he would happily consume 'Cadburys Largest Bar Ever'...and I mean the whole lot ! Following his heart attacks I rationed the supply and thought it worked. However following his death I cleaned out a drawer in the unit by his seat ( he kept all his odds and ends in there )and I found a box of chocolates ( half eaten ...where had he got them ?) and crumbs of chocolate in the base, where I reckon he'd got up at night and eaten chocolate over the open drawer to catch the bits! By the way, he didn't die of a heart attack ....

My son must have been starved of chocolate too as it didn't occur to me to buy it on a regular basis..it was kept for Christmas and Easter..a treat. When he was about 3 I took him to my parents house and their neighbour took Ken into visit. She gave him a Mars Bar, which he duly brought back, unopened ...with neighbour in tow , gobsmacked that he didn't know what it was!

So am I lucky not to have a chocolate addiction??

 Sorry..I don't even have poem about the stuff!