Friday, 4 November 2016


I plan to talk about ' Generosity ' in terms other than monetary. Rather the sharing of time, values, skills....being generous of spirit. For many people the giving and receiving of such is rewarding. I give time, energy and enthusiasm whenever I can. Many years ago as an amateur ice skater ( formerly a judge for the National Ice Skating association ) I gave my time and expertise to the forming of a skating club and subsequently doing the choreography for fund raising Christmas Shows. This was much appreciated and I found it tiring but fulfilling.

In more recent years I've taken the time to raise money for various charities by making  quilts, doing sponsored walks, sponsored scooting, sponsored skating ...and more. The generosity of sponsors is sometimes overwhelming and gives me a sense of achievement. Basically I think that people appreciate my efforts and want to reward me for such 'get up and go '.

Since being on my own I take the time to talk to other lone people in cafes, on the bus...where ever I am. Because they may not have spoken to another person that week or that day. It doesn't cost me anything, and I hope that I've brought a bit of light into someone's day.

I do give money to charity ...Lancashire Wildlife Trust gets a bit and I seldom (if ever ) pass a collection box without putting something in. When I shop at Fleetwood market I make a point of talking to the man sitting outside on the pavement..and sometimes I take him for lunch. You see I know his history. I know he's been in hospital. I know he's alone. He was some woman's son.....

Lately my life has taken another turn and I find myself being generous with my time and devotion. This necessitates me travelling a lot, organising things for someone else and generally thinking of another's welfare.

So that's a run down on my thoughts regarding generosity.

Today's poem was written in March 1968.


 Shall I give my hand to you ?
  Perhaps you will take offence and shun me...
  I don't know.
  I wish I could make you understand -
  My intentions are good. I am sure of that.
  If you were to give your hand to me
  I would accept it without a second thought.
  I cannot change, accept me for what I am
  And I shall give you my hand.

Thanks for reading, Kath


Anonymous said...

You're the kindest person I know Kath!!
�� �� �� Wooohooo xxx