Saturday, 24 December 2016

Curtains (for Curtains)

Curtains. Yes, I don't like them. Always hanging around. They might keep in the heat and keep out the sound but I've gradually banished them from nearly every room in my house and replaced them with blinds (either Venetian or Roller). I prefer the look, the clean lines. Plus... 8 out of 10 cats don't climb blinds. Curtains, now - that's another matter...

Talking of cats, 2016 meant curtains for Dennis E Williams, prodigious doyen of kitty literature, from whose pen flowed such much-loved classics as: A Streetcat Named Isaiah (recently plagiarised and turned into 'Bob - the movie'), Small Cat Warnings, Sweet Purr Of Youth, Our Puss Descending, Cat On A Tottenham Roof, The Class A Moggie, Two Cats At Play etc etc

Mr Williams (Dennis E) to his friend, was reportedly working on a departure from feline-themed writings when he was snatched untimely from this world. His final novel-in-progress, Diary Of A Bi-Polar Bear, will be completed by his estate agent and published posthumously by Some Random House in 2017.

However, forget mortality and be of good cheer. Christmas is almost upon us once again, light in our darkness. So eat, drink and make truly merry with your kith and kin because... no, stop right there and let the moment last.

To finish off this nonsense, a bit of seasonal verse...

The Night Before Christmas (Savage Festive Revamp)
'Twas the night before Christmas,
When all through the house
Not a creature was stirring,
Not even the Grouse...
But I'd heard him exclaim
'Ere he slumped to the floor,
'Merry Christmas to all
And here's one for the Moor(e).'

         (after Clement Clarke Moore, to whom, apologies)

Thanks for reading. Peace and Joy, S ;-)


Anonymous said...

Only just come across this. Delightfully silly! "Doyen of kitty literature" had me laughing out loud.