Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Excess - Another Walnut and One More Chocolate

I’m doing it again and I really must stop, but the contents of that tub of Heroes beckons me continuously.  I’ve unwrapped a mouthful sized Twirl and I’m determined to let it melt on my tongue. I’ll just have two, no, three more then put the lid back on. I’ve already had a massive dinner conjured up from New Year’s Day leftovers.  Ah, nuts. The nut-crackers go off like pistol shots and I can’t resist the handful of walnuts coming my way.

There’s something about food, besides Christmas Dinner and New Year’s Day Dinner at this time of the year, or is it just me doing it to excess? We have bread, our usual wholemeal loaf and some finger rolls. As a stand by there’s plenty of cream crackers and other cheese biscuits. I’ve made sure there are enough ingredients to make six loaves in the breadmaker.  The door on our super-sized fridge groans under the weight of all the extra milk but I have some powdered stuff, just in case. And there’s a good supply of instant Horlicks and instant Hot Chocolate.

Sprouts, carrots, parsnips, red cabbage, potatoes. Oh, the potatoes. Crispy roasties, croquettes, mash. So much choice, so much food and I can’t wait for the pudding with enough rum sauce to render me unconscious for an hour or two. There is ice cream instead, if preferred.  Is gluttony still a sin?

The thing is, we used to be a family of four, sometimes five, often more.  Now we are two. I can’t cook for two. What if there isn’t enough? What if we get unexpected guests? Actually, there were four of us for dinner on Christmas Day then three and a baby on New Year’s Day, with lots of food to get through. Our grown up children were eating with their own families and I like to be quiet at home. Everyone is happy. I should reduce the food quantity, but nothing gets wasted.

The contents of the freezer will keep us going until February. The tubs of chocolates we have received as gifts will last us until Easter. I’ll slow the consumption down, really I will.

I’m left with the personal job of shedding a couple of ounces of excess weight, so as I return to work later this week, it will be fruit for snacks, a brisk walk across town on my lunch break and a home-made sandwich using only one slice of bread. I think I promised myself to do this last year, too. Let’s see how long it lasts – or if it gets started.

A Haiku
Dates and tangerines
Apple and cinnamon treats
Flavours of Christmas.

Happy New Year! Thanks for reading, Pam x