Friday, 10 March 2017

To selfie or not to selfie......?

I must admit that I've taken to selfies. However, I take them when I'm no posing and preening there. Normally I look bedraggled and windswept , or rosy cheeked with tangled I've been dragged through a hedge backwards and forwards again!

Having attempted to take selfies whilst looking ( well, to my mind ) exceptionally smart, with makeup on and hair done, they don't work! It must be spontaneity that counts, the fun of it....the catching of that moment is the important thing and not seeing me...but rather seeing the scene or place. Thus I've created a memory. I take "double"  selfies with Don and this proves invaluable to assist with his memory too.
Recently I progressed to taking video shots of myself . Turning the camera on myself as I describe the scene and then turn the camera to the scene or event. Again it's a way of recalling the day, the place the time.
However I believe that some people take copious amounts of selfies...I don't really know if they derive the same pleasure as myself.

Today's poem is not mine. I met a friend for morning coffee today and after we went into the neighbouring charity shop where I picked up a book featuring poems by Joyce Grenfell..I found this first!

       Fetch Down the Album

      When I get uppish there's only one cure
       To banish my posing and pride:
       Fetch down the album, it's certain and sure
       Quite soon to have dealt with my 'side'.

       Look at the naked child flat on the rug,
       Rolling its marble eyes, shining and smug.

       ' First little footsteps at Salcombe on Sea ';
         Don't look away, that baby is me.

         Look at that creature with wires in her teeth !
         ( Thothe were the dayth when I learnt to say ' Pleath'.)

          Look at the chicken-wings moored to my hat;
          How could my mother have dressed me like that ?

          Look at that cloche worn low to the lips !
          Is it a wonder I never launched ships ?

         Ah that's done the trick;I'm quite humble once more,
         All of my uppishness fled.
         Don't try to squash me when next I get cocky,
         Just fetch down the album instead.

Thanks for reading, and apologies for my problems I'm afraid.   Kath



Adele said...

What a great find. Love your travel pics and love Joyce Grenfell too.