Monday, 4 September 2017

What Dreams May Come

I have always been fascinated with the idea of dreams and what they actually mean. Sigmund Freud an Austrian neurologist believed that dreams were a reflection of our unconscious mind.

Surprisingly the meaning behind my dreams (according to the internet!) is normally spot on.

Recently my dreams have involved calm water which supposedly means tranquillity, new beginnings and self-renewal. I am starting university, I am in a new relationship and I am pretty darn happy at the moment!  Coincidence?

Then there is the idea of following your dreams…. No not the one about dancing naked in a sea of snakes.  Following your goals, aspirations and desires. The great thing about life is that you never know where your dreams will take you. It’s wonderful to have dreams, but I think we need to remember to live in the present. Modern society constantly rams unrealistic ‘dreams’ down our throats. Buy this diet pill to get your dream body. Wear this perfume to find your dream man. Purchase this car to live the perfect life.
Blue Eyed Perspective
How quickly your life can change.
New emotions arrive,
They come and go like the tide.
Friendship becomes love.
Love, becomes friendship.
One new person can change your world,
They can make you feel like the luckiest girl.
They cause your barriers to come crashing down,
With one sound,
With one word,
“You are not a nerd”.
Suddenly your heart flutters in your chest,
And you can only guess at what comes next.
I guess, we never truly know.
But I know this…time flies by.
It stops for no man.
But we can stop fearing the constant…
Tik Tok Tik Tok…
Instead we should dance,
To the rhythm of our own clock.

Thanks for reading my blog and poem, Helena Ascough.


Adele said...

Beatifully done Helena. Welcome to the Dead Good blog.

Steve Rowland said...

A great debut Helena. Love the poem.