Friday, 25 May 2012

Away with the fairies again...

A voice has lulled me into comfort so that I take off and am only half conscious of my surroundings. A sight, sound or word has sent me from reality into a world totally my own. It’s a connection with the subconscious which is almost intangible but controllable. It can cause irritation in those around us. It is dream-like. It’s entirely possible to be snapped back to reality sharply (being nearly hit by a car, someone shouting) and forget what I'm thinking about entirely. Sometimes I’m forming a new narrative based on what I’d like to happen.  Sometimes I’m just in my own place. I'm daydreaming.

Listening to poetry can cause me to slip into a semi-hynotic state, the rhythms and cadences drawing me out of reality. That’s perhaps why I enjoy watching people read it at Dead Good Poetry meetings and don’t really write or perform poetry really. It activates that part of my mind which sits with daydreaming. Soothing, comforting. Escaping.

I do write, and find that daydreaming can help with this. I slip into a state where I can almost see what I’m writing and it happens in front of me, telling me what happens next.
Reality can be fascinating, but it can’t always keep me there. Excuse me if I slip off, it’s nothing personal, I’m just somewhere else for a little while. Hopefully in my writing I can take you with me.


Ashley R Lister said...

Yes. The rhythm of someone reading can send me into that semi-hypnotic state too.

Sometimes I can get carried along with the words. But there are other times when the melody of the rhythm can be as soothing as the rhythmical click of a railway engine.

Excellent take on the theme.

MoonJumpingCow said...

I'm also lucky that I haven't been run over yet. A friend and I - both writers - realised the other day that we had each of us been stood in mid-conversation with gormless expressions on our faces while on our respective little wanders. At least we have a common understanding. Most people must think I'm off my box.

- Lisa. Not sure which account I'm on right now.

Somerset Wedding Gal said...

Sometimes we all have to escape for a bit!