Thursday, 24 May 2012


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didn't shatter but bounced twice across the tiles before rolling beneath the chair.  When she stooped to retrieve it she observed a hairline crack which passed through the cat's face and beneath the handle.  

"Pass it here, I'll throw it out."  He reached for the teacup with dirty fingers.

"Shut up, she'll hear you."  

She snatched the cup away from him, tucking it into her bag between the virgin novel and yesterday's knickers.  The rain drummed on the window behind them and the wind sang in the fireplace.  The smell of burnt apples billowed from the kitchen as the women reappeared, escorted by the aging spaniel, its ears brushing the parquet floor as its head drooped; a heavy bloom on a broken stem. 

"I'm all out of raspberry but there's plenty of pedals seem to be shrinking or my shoes are growing.  I'm fidgeting my feet up and down, trying to find the brake but each time I hit the accelerator instead and jolt forwards.  The steering wheel isn't responding, or it's over sensitive, and the slightest touch sends me veering into a wall.  There are cars ahead and I'm desperately stamping on the pedals, stamping and stamping.  One of these must be the brake, one of them must be familiar but you won't quite place him.  

"The Oneiroi."  He'll  say again.

"No, I can't."  You'll reply, not knowing why, but this will be the correct answer and the group will disperse.  

Taking advantage of the chance to explore, you'll head from the courtyard towards the oldest part of the castle.  The corridor will be stately and the carpets deep.  Light will filter down through blown glass windows, through dust which smells of old books and wax polish.  The door will be precisely large enough for a fully grown spaniel and set at head height in the wall.  A woman with ill-fitting shoes will instruct you in the art of wall-diving.  Pay particular attention to her directions.  She will only assist you if you first remember to give her a heavy bloom on a broken stem.

"I'm all out of raspberry but there's plenty of apricot."  

Placing an empty plate on the table, the woman straightened up and rubbed her back.  

"Good weather for ducks."

The dog sighed.

"Good weather for ducks."

The dog sighed.

"Good weather for ducks."

The dog smiled.



Ashley R Lister said...

Clever writing and clever graphology.

I'm also pleased that Mr Standard got his paragraphs sorted yesterday otherwise this flaunting of paragraphs and font colours would have had him baying for your blood.


Standard said...

Funny, I was just thinking the same thing. Bloody show-off! :D