Monday, 5 November 2012

Dave's Dream

Tomorrow, when the USA finally choose their next president, one man will become the most powerful in the world. It might remain as Obama, it could be Morman Mitt, either way there will be some powerful decisions to make so I urge all Americans that happen upon this blog not to elect a clown.

Here in the UK, we did just that. We’ve somehow come to the decision that a silver spooned, Tory-bred horse was the man for the job- a man named Dave. Now you may or may not have seen the 1988 Oscar nominated documentary about Bikini Atoll. You may or may not be aware that there was an atomic bomb tested there. You may or may not know that islanders were shifted from their villages, families and communities broken up and refused re-admission to their homeland for well over forty years.  You are probably not aware that the plane dropping the bomb had Dave’s Dream written on the back of it, something I thought too good an idea to miss.

This morning then, with the news that Kensington and Chelsea councils have relocated council tenants as far as Manchester as a result of cuts, I figured the poem needed to be written. It seems we’re all a victim of something these days and for lasting devastation, 40 years could be a quick turnaround for some of the mess being made. This week’s theme is inspirational ideas,  one of which you’ll agree, is a man named Dave.

Dave’s Dream

Gather the UN ambassadors
Dave’s dream is up in the skies
We are all to be soon relocated
Shifted on with a tear in our eyes.
Dave’s dream is to move us from comfort
Dave’s dream drives the poor from their homes
Dave’s dream is just all about rich folks
If he could he would send in the drones.
Dave’s dream doesn’t consider carnage
Dave’s dream doesn’t rest in the night
Dave’s dream has us begging for poll booths
Dave’s dream must be stopped, take the fight.

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Ashley R Lister said...

Your poem is possibly the one good thing to come from the incumbency of this government.

Excellent writing.


vicky ellis said...

Wow. Powerful link. Nice one Shaun.

Lisa McFleeca said...

That was really moving (and quite disturbing)... Considering the times, it's brilliant.

Sheilagh said...

Well said, Shaun. Depraved, corrupt, uncaring world - fightback needed! x

Adele said...

True. True.